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Human Reproduction


Human Reproduction is the only 2nd year subject that one can afford to be relaxed about (in comparison). There is no negative marking, so preparing for the exam will take you a lot less time than for any of the other subjects. The course content covers a funky mix of endocrinology, ethics, actual reproduction and pregnancy, demographics and sexually transmitted diseases… Plenty of variety to at least find something you enjoy! 🙂

As for books, make sure you get “Essential Reproduction” from the library… not because it is particularly good (In my opinion, the figures are not particularly clear and neither is the text, unfortunately), but because many lecturers lift their figures from this book, but forget include the figure captions. In order to understand what’s going on, you will want to look them up! 😉 In addition, I recommend buying one of the slim textbooks on reproduction such as “Reproduction at a Glance” or anything else perhaps a bit more up-to-date. I always read the two-page summary on a topic first before diving into the handout, and that usually made things a lot easier.

As for general advice, you will see for yourself how much less work you have to do when there is no negative marking involved. But don’t take things too lightly either because our passmark was above 60%.

Please get in touch if you are a Cambridge student and would like detailed notes on the reproduction practicals. I am very happy to share them, I am just not able to make them available here (yet).

PS: For the embryology content of this class, please see the separate embryology section.


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