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I am interested in protein-protein interactions, their inhibition by small molecules and structural biology, especially when applied to cancer research.

During my post-doc, I have been working on protein-protein interactions of the 19S proteasome, using NMR, crystallography and other biophysical techniques to obtain information about the structure and function of this macromolecular complex. This work was carried out in Prof Jane Endicott’s lab at the University of Oxford (now University of Newcastle) in collaboration with Dr Colin Gordon at the University of Edinburgh.

Since the beginning of my DPhil, I have been involved in the development of inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 interaction, applying structure-based drug design. This is project is my absolute favourite, perhaps also because its success could help to cure about 10% of common cancer types. Development of isoindolinone-based inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 interaction has been initialised by our collaborators at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Newcastle and is overseen by Prof Martin Noble and Prof Jane Endicott at the Oxford Biochemistry Department (now University of Newcastle), as well as Prof Jim McDonnell (now at King’s College London).

During my PhD, I also worked on a protein named Doc1, a potential tumour suppressor and CDK2-interacting protein (at least that’s what we thought ;-))…



Since starting my ACF, I’ve broadly stayed in the field of cancer research, but working more on survey analysis in the context of behaviour change to prevent cancer and how we understand and process our personal risk of cancer.

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