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MEDICINE – clinical

Clinical medicine is a completely new territory to me, and therefore still somewhat of a mystery. Compared to the sciences and pre-clinical teaching, it is a world of its own with completely different rules…

On the graduate course in Cambridge, the first year of clinical medicine is squeezed into the holidays of the pre-clinical course. This means one tends to put it on the back burner until pre-clinical exams are over, and then there is not much time left to learn things from first principle. I am still figuring things out at the moment, but will update this part of the website with any insights that will (hopefully) come my way! 😉

For going on placements, here is a list of essential equipment for your luggage: extension cable / multiplug (there are often very few plugs in the rooms), USB dongle for your own mobile internet connection, ideally with USB extension cable to catch that last bar of reception (the internet in the hospital accommodation often does not work and mobile reception is weak), desk lamp (the rooms are often poorly lit) and probably some Febreze spray… 🙂

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