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The Cambridge syllabus of Clinical Pathology is a 50 page long list of diseases and bullet-points of topics students ought to know. In preparation for the exam, I’ve tried to turn this long to-do list into actual facts and content. Even though I tried to keep it brief by writing only bullet points, I ended up with an insane amount of notes…. In order to save following year groups this tedious work, I’ve uploaded my notes here.


Here is some advice on how to use the notes:

  • Take a look at the file “A_TOC_ALLPATH”  for an overall table of contents (TOC), each chapter will then have a more detailed TOC at the beginning.
  • You can navigate the notes quickly by clicking on the items of interest in the TOC, and you’ll be taken directly to that page.
  • I have used many references (books, notes from lectures, podcasts etc.) which have been cited in the bibliography. PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE REFERENCES used for each chapter (indicated by the numbers following the title), as they are an indicator of how good/complete the notes are.
  • The neurology Histopath chapter was the first one I wrote and is mainly based on the podcasts, it is therefore the least complete.
  • There is a folder with overviews I’ve prepared closer to the exam, which is worth looking at.
  • The notes are not proof-read, please ignore typos. Please e-mail me if you find any true errors in content or have questions.

NOTE: By downloading the files below, you agree to only use them for personal study, not to distribute them or use them for any commercial purpose.

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