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Summaries for revision


Before starting anatomy, I was worried that it will be hard to learn all this stuff by heart. Surprisingly, there is a lot to understand in anatomy, so it’s not just blind memorisation. I ended up really enjoying the subject. Perhaps you will, too! 🙂

Here I’ve listed some of the summaries I used to learn things by heart for the 1st year anatomy exam.


1. Overview of Structures at Different Vertebra Levels

Knowing which structure is at which vertebra level is useful but also a popular exam question. This summary lists all levels mentioned in our 1st year anatomy handouts on one page.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Structures at Vertebra Levels


2. Classification of Joints

Also very popular in exams. Lists the important joints on a single page.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Classification of Joints


3. Overview of Cranial Nerves

A colour-coded table summarising the most important facts about the cranial nerves.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Overview of Cranial Nerves


4. Overview of Cranial Nerves carrying Parasympathetics

This is an overview where the parasympathetic fibres originate and run, which cranial nerves carry and then finally distribute them.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Overview of Cranial Nerves


5. Overview of Cranial Foramina

Another favourite of 1st year anatomy. There are plenty of great pictures showing the foramina in the different cranial fossae, but not so many showing where the foramina actually lead to. That’s what this document is for, I found it quite useful to understand how things relate.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Overview of Cranial Foramina


6. Overview of Spinal Nerve Contributions to Named Nerves

This is good to know for the 1st year exams and definitely remains important for clinical as well.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Overview of Named Nerves


7. The Lymphatic System

Information on the lymphatic drainage was quite scattered in the handout, so these documents summarise everything in one place. If you are a Cambridge student and interested in a document with all the relevant handout sections in one place, e-mail me.

CLICK TO EXPAND: Overview of Lymphatic Drainage

CLICK TO EXPAND: Notes on the Lymphatic System


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