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Medical Microbiology

This topic deals with the epidemiology, investigation, clinical syndromes and treatment of infectious diseases. Most important for the exam are knowing which organisms cause which infectious disease, and which antibiotics to use. For each antibiotic, know their class and mechanism of action, and their spectrum of action including any unusual/special organisms. If you narrate this to yourself every time an antibiotic comes up until the exam, you should know them well enough. It is also important to know about vaccinations including (even though this was not mentioned in the syllabus, but came up in the exam) what type of vaccine it is (live, attenuated, etc… look back at your pre-clinical pathology notes).


For my medical microbiology notes, see here.


Below I’ve uploaded my final two revision slides that served me well for the exam. The information is mainly from the BNF but local guidelines may suggest different antibiotics.


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