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Chemical Pathology

The Chem Path syllabus contains the following topics:

  1. Acid Base Balance
  2. Salt and Water balance
  3. Potassium Balance
  4. Renal Function
  5. Calcium, Phosphate and Magnesium
  6. Liver and Intestinal Function
  7. Lipids
  8. Serum Proteins and Enzymology
  9. Tumour Markers
  10. Measurements of Endocrine Function
  11. Pregnancy, Foetus and Neonate
  12. Inherited Metabolic Disorders
  13. Toxicology and Drug Monitoring
  14. Emergencies and Drug Monitoring
  15. Emergencies and Intensive Care
  16. Investigations in Clinical Immunology (added by me, not in the original syllabus)


The most important things to know here are:

  • the investigations required for a particular set of symptoms
  • methods of most important investigations
  • pathologies defined by an imbalance in a particular measurable parameter (hyper/hypo-*-aemia etc.)
  • some background information, mostly physiology

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