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HISTOPATHOLOGY – under construction

As stated on the introductory page, histopathology Cambridge-style covers pretty much all of medicine, focusing on the pathogenesis and morphology of disease. Histopathology is divided up as follows:

1. Heart Pathology
2. Vascular Pathology
3. Lung Pathology
4. GI Pathology
5. Liver, Gall Bladder and Pancreatic Pathology
6. Kidney Pathology
7. Pathology of the Male Reproductive Organs (incl. malignancies)
8. Pathology of the Female Reproductive Organs (incl. malignancies)
9. Paediatric Pathology
10. Endocrine Pathology
11. Musculoskeletal Pathology
12. Pathology of the Nervous system (incl. malignancies)
13. Pathology of Malignancies (the remaining ones)
14. Other


The Information on each disease in the above caterogies has been organised as follows:

* Definition
* Epidemiology
* Aetiology (including risk factors)
* Pathogenesis
* Macroscopic Features
* Microscopic Features
* Clinical Features and Complications
* Investigations (in brief as detail on the investigations is covered in chemical pathology)
* Treatment (also just as an outline, general management is the focus of the final year)
* Prognosis 
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