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Here, you can find some NMR presentations I’ve made for Oxford undergrads, grads and journal clubs, as well as some more technical protocols I’ve written for myself.

1. NMR Assignments and Structure Determination

This presentation goes through the major steps to determine an NMR structure from making the sample to validation.


2. Triple Resonance Backbone Assignments

This was a quick journal club presentation about backbone assignments. For more info, see the section on assignments of presentation 1.


3. NMR in Drug Discovery

This was a journal club presentation with an overview on NMR in Drug Discovery.


4. How to Acquire and Analyse Translational Diffusion Data

This is a protocol I wrote for myself after figuring out how to do NMR translational diffusion analysis.


5. RECOORD, a database of recalculated NMR structures using standardised scripts

When I first had to calculate an NMR structure, I had no idea how to do it. A group from the University of Utrecht had published a set of structure calculation scripts that they used to recalculate and improve over 500 NMR structures. Using these standardised scripts, I was able to get started knowing I was not going completely astray! (Citation)


6. How to RECOORD

This is protocol on how to install and use the RECOORD scripts.

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