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R&I weeks


How things fit in and what to pay particular attention to

R&I weeks consist of a mixture of specific seminars tailored to the placement you have just finished, as well as general pathology lectures, seminars and sessions on some other topics, e.g. palliative care.

The order of pathology teaching will probably not match the order of your clinical placements or revision. As there is usually only a few days notice of the teaching schedule before each R&I week, there is very little time to familiarise oneself with what is about to come up.  However, logically scheduling pathology revision alongside the clinical placements and making the most of the few path lectures you get is the best way to stay on top of things during stage 2. To help plan your revision, I’ve summarised what useful path-relevant teaching came up during which R&I week, so you can be ahead of the game:


Stage 1 – R&I 1+2

– Pathology lectures with specific disease focus (I only found very few of them useful for revision)

– Diarrhoea symposium (not taught to grads – get the handout as it’s good!)

Stage 2 – R&I 3 (graduate course)

– Endocrine symposium

– Renal symposium

Stage 2 – R&I 4

– CNS infection symposium

Stage 2 – R&I 5

– Oncology symposium

– Immunology symposium

Stage 2 – R&I 6

– HIV symposium

– Tropical medicine symposium

– (Bereavement symposium – not path-related)

Stage 2 – R&I 7

– Breast cancer screening symposium

– Paediatric clinico-pathological symposium

– Genetics symposium

Stage 2 – R&I 8

– Haematology revision

– Immunology revision

– Medical microbiology teaching

– Histopathology revision seminar

I hope this will help plan things a bit better!

In terms of attendance, I’d recommend attending the placement-specific teaching as well as everything taught by the main course organisers and Cambridge teaching legends. As a general rule, anything with the title “symposium” is worth attending. If you need time for revision, you can afford to skip lectures taught by people who don’t know the Cambridge course, some won’t even know which year you are in, so that’s usually a good clue to escape to the library.

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