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Pogo, the Somerville College Cat.

pogo is our college principal fiona caldicott’s cat. he’s a beautiful black tomcat wearing a red collar with a little bell on it, so when it’s very quiet you hear him approaching even before you see him. pogo is well known and loved amongst all college members, especially the porters who feed him every day. pogo even has his own facebook page with 179 friends! obviously, many people would really like to pet him when they see him strolling through his territory or sleeping at his favourite spot, the radiator in the green room. unfortunately though, pogo prefers to keep to himself, and he either ignores you or walks away when you approach him. when he’s in a particularly bad mood, he’s even been known to go after people and scratch them. so it’s not surprising that you can consider yourself very lucky if pogo does allow you to play with him.

when my friend steve simon told me that pogo had once jumped onto his shoulders, i have to say i was a tiny bit jealous that he would like steve so much!!

after dinner today, i walked through the green room and saw pogo on this usual spot, the radiator. when he saw me, he jumped down and approached me. surprised about so much attention, i knelt down next to him and guess what: he jumped onto my back!

i feel so special after this event that i have to tell the world about it. i even have a picture as the ultimate proof!!!



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