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I’m originally a biomolecular scientist and subsequently went on to study medicine and become an academic doctor (still in the works..). On countless occasions, I have benefited from kind people who share their knowledge on the web. This website is supposed to return the favour: It contains resources related to medicine, biochemistry and biomolecular research. I strongly believe that people should share resources in order to get further more quickly. Inefficiency slows creativity and one should definitely not have to re-invent the wheel! :-)

In the past 20 years, I’ve experienced education from both sides, have taught and been taught, initially in chemistry and the biosciences and more recently as a medical and MPhil student and doctor. This website contains resources I’ve produced since my PhD in biochemistry, either as as teacher or student, that may be of interest to others. The content reflects my transition from science to medicine and therefore spans several fields, such as Biochemistry, Biophysics, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology etc.. The list keeps getting longer and increasingly more clinical as I progress through my medical career. I’ve also included some general information on how to tackle a medical degree, specifically the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine at the University of Cambridge, UK. The course has changed since I graduated in 2015, but many of the resources are still of interest today.

I hope you can find something on here that is useful to you. If so, use the time it may save you for something fun!!! 😉

All the best,

How to Use this Website.

The information available on this website is presented in different formats: as html text right on the pages, embeds of presentations, videos, documents or pictures. You can view the presentations right here, but the documents are probably better appreciated after download. It’s easiest to download these embeds after re-opening them on Slideshare. There are are also some files available for download directly from this site (please e-mail me if there is something missing, not all content has gone back up since the website was hacked a little while back).

The information presented here is growing every year and even though I double-check, I don’t always spot errors or typos, so please e-mail me if you find anything that’s not correct. I hope you won’t find much! Finally, even though the links to other websites on my page have been carefully selected, I am not responsible for their content.


As the amount of information presented here grows and it takes longer to browse through it, it’s perhaps worth highlighting some of the content:

* The NMR tutorial on NMR assignments and structure determination has been very popular with over 10,000 views. To be found under science/biophysics/NMR

* At-a-glance overviews of muscles, their attachments and innervations for pre-clinical anatomy have also been popular with over 50,000 views and 2000 downloads. To be found under Medicine-preclinical/Anatomy/An easy way of learning muscles


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